We are aware of two eyes which are physical. We can see the physical world, our surroundings with two physical eyes. Besides these, the human being has another eye, which is a subtle called third eye. It has different names like Ajna chakra, Tri Netra, Divya Cakshu and commonly called third eye. It can't see inside or outside of the physical body by our normal vision. But it is working some degree in every human beings. According to modern physical science, the pineal gland is responsible for third eye activation. The pineal gland is a pea-shaped endocrine gland, which releases hormones like melatonin and DMT (Dimethyltryptamine). Melatonin helps to regulate sleep cycles and also called sleep hormone. DMT is also called a spirit molecule which is highly produced during childhood, deep state of meditation and before death. Through DMT we can connect with the universal mind or infinite consciousness.
The third eye is located in the middle of forehead region and slightly above the eyebrows. Our physical eyes are an only outward vision, but the third eye works for both inner and outer vision. We can also see what is happening inside our mind and body clearly. According to the mystics, the third eye is the seat of the soul. Different energy centers or chakras of our body are ruled by Ajna chakra. Ajna chakra is the seat of willpower, controlling mystical powers like clairvoyance, telepathy etc. Due to awaken the third eye we can consciously seeing the reality as it is beyond the limited perceptions of the mind, senses and emotions. Once we are able to develop awareness of this chakra, we can connect with multidimensional realms. Due to a heightened sense of awareness, our life will be changed, our thinking and perception of this world will be different. We start to live with a higher vibration and with much more clarity, joy and happiness than before. In this post, I'm going to share about some benefits of third eye awakening.

1. Connect with intuition

Sometimes we were feeling or thinking about someone at that time we find they are present or they ring a phone. When we walk in the road, we felt someone seeing from the back. Sometimes we have a strong sense of something will happen. After third eye awakening, we are more tune with our subtle thought and feelings. After becoming more clear vision, these intuitions become guiding principle of our life.

2. Lucid dreaming and Astral travel

Due to awakening the third eye our dream becomes more clear and vivid. Sometimes dream images are much more clear than physical reality. We can remember many dreams and can see a precognitive dream also. In the dream, we become conscious and can control the dream in our favor. It improves our restful sleep. During sleep, our whole body becomes calm and paralyzed. Sometimes can sense as our whole body is vibrating and leaving the physical body and travel to different places, hearing different sounds, smelling scents etc. Due to awaken the third eye, become easier to connect with non-physical reality beyond our physical perception.

3. Sensing energies

In the universe, everything vibrates with the certain level of frequency. Due to vibration there occurs energy. This energy can sense if our third eye is awakening. We can see the aura of the different color of human beings, animals, and trees. After practicing more and more, the color of the aura becomes brighter.

4. Enhance creativity and Feeling more complete

Due to awakened third eye our hidden creativity, skills and ability start to develop. We start to feel improve quality being from within. We want to increase knowledge about everything. We start to seek the special purpose of coming on this plane. So our life becomes more fulfilling, contentment and self-worth.

5. Help to stay in the present moment
When we pay attention to the third eye we become the witness of everything. Our body and mind become stable. Our pain, fear, and anxiety start to fade out. We become more aware and conscious of the present situation. We can concentrate on single object or situation so we can take better decision

These are some benefits of third eye awakening. Third eye awakening has limitless possibilities which can't describe in words. Once we start to live the opening third eye our lifestyle definitely will change. Whatever problem and bad situation appear in the physical world we become unattached. To experience these and many more benefits how to open the third eye? My next post will be about opening third eye tips and some techniques. 
                                                                                with love and light.

We often listen to three minds conscious, subconscious and unconscious or superconscious.
The conscious mind is the objective mind which has a power of will, choose, logical thinking etc.
and it is also a guard for the subconscious mind.
The subconscious mind has unlimited power. It works through sympathetic nervous system presides over all subjective sensations such as joy, fear, love, emotion, imagination and all other subconscious phenomena. Through the subconscious mind, we are connected with the universal mind. It works 24/7 without resting and can create, repair and destroy the cell.
In this post, I'm going to share about subconscious mind only about how we can access subconscious mind and how it can train in our favor.
The subconscious mind is a slave which has no any choice except we give the order to do. It maintains all bodily activity, temperature, perspiration, and function of all vital organ.
Besides this phenomena, it also makes our desire and will come into true. It gives answers to all of our problems. We have to be aware that what comes as a solution. Now I'm going to share some methods through which we can easily reprogramme our subconscious mind.

1. Meditation

Meditation has several benefits for mind, body, and soul. From our daily busy routine, we can take some time to do meditation. At first, sit comfortably or lying down, relax the body and give attention to breathe. Inhale a deep breath and exhale through the nose. There is a various method of meditation. we can choose whatever method suitable for us. Due to regular meditation, our mind becomes calm, peace and more space for the mind to do a new activity.

2. Visualization

Visualization is the great tool to train the subconscious mind. In this method, we need to be in relax with mind and body. Then visualize about final stage what you want to achieve or what you want to be. How your life looks like in that situations? How others think about you? How you perform the further task in that situation? How happily spend your life? The more vivid your thought, feelings, and picture you make in this situation results appear quicker. one thing to remember, the subconscious mind can't recognize past and future.so whatever we visualize must be in the present moment. Also, it can't differentiate between real or what we imagine. If we accept mentally as real, subconscious mind accepts it as true.

3. Affirmations/ Autosuggestions

Affirmation and autosuggestion are great tools through which we can replace old pattern of thinking and believing into in our favor. To use these tools first, we need to create some phrases or sentence in present tense. For example,

  1. I am happy and loveable.
  2. I am wealthy and abundant.
  3. I am confident, strong, powerful.
  4. I am peace, calm and blissful. and so on.

These are some example of affirmation. You can create what you want to become and what is necessary for your situation. These affirmations can use when we are relaxed, before bedtime or after bedtime. Affirmations can also use any time of the day whenever you remember mentally or out loud. Affirmations work fast when we say with emotion along with the word. Our new habits become through repetition so we must repeat affirmation at least 21 days.

4. Binaural beats/ Isochronic tone

Today we can easily enter into meditative benefits from binaural beats. They help to relax our mind and body easily in short period of time.Advantages of binaural beats are scientifically proved. We can use subliminal message session along with binaural and isochronic tone. They help our brain into the receptive state so we can easily reprogramme subconscious mind. We can collect different types of binaural beats from internet freely or with some charges.

5. Vision Board

Vision board is the visual tool.Whatever we want to get, we can take pictures of such things and arrange on a board or can make the poster. Every morning and night before sleep or at any time, when you see vision board feel like these things are already yours.Mentally play images and start to feel like you are living your dream life. Due to this exercise, our thinking pattern shifts into the higher level and corresponding situation start to create into outside world. In addition, the vision board is also helpful to remember our desire and dream.

These are great tools through which many people already took benefits. I already said new mental pattern become only through conscious repetition.At the initial stage, the mind tends to stop what silly thing you do and like other mental chatter. Don't pay attention to these things because we want to jump into a new reality of life with more joy, peace, and harmony in every aspect. After few days of practice, these tools become really enjoyable and part of your life.We have become the habit to create good or bad unknowingly but from these techniques, we can consciously create whatever we want and what we want to be. It will be really enjoyable to live the life of design rather than the life of reaction. Isn't it?
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